Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Planting Potatoes

This afternoon, with the last of the evening light, we planted 15 pounds of potatoes into three twenty-five foot rows. We have another 5 pounds to go. We ordered them from Moose Tubers located in Maine. Our varieties this year are, German Butterball, Katahdin, Green Mountain, Red Pontiac and Russet Burbank. Here's a few pics of the event with a play-by-play in the captions.

Also, a special welcome to two new followers, Katrina Smith and Sara.  Thanks for joining, and we hope you come back often and enjoy!

We placed 2 black rubber sheets on the grass last February to kill the grass. Peel it back boys!
I cut three rows, turning the soil to the left onto itself to deeply bury any remaining grass or weed seeds.
We mixed compost, top soil and straw. Nice job C. James!
After I put a couple inches of compost into the trough Q. James began placing the potatoes.
Then he started throwing them!
Potato sets.
The finished bed. To bad I never got to build a box. Maybe next year.


  1. My goodness, what great garden helpers you have! They will probably be the best potatoes!

    Did you get that crazy storm last night? Geez, it came out of no where!

  2. We hope they'll be great potatoes. We've already set aside space for storage. We sure did get a storm, for us it came around 10:30 with bright lightning and loud thunder. Little did I know that I had left my window down, so the storm soaked the seat in the truck. Oh well, at least the potatoes got a good drenching.

  3. As neat as the beds look and the way they will function I wouldn't worry about the box until another time:o) good looking job ..

  4. Ginny, I think you're right about the boxes. They'll just be extra work and extra money with not much pay-off. Thanks for complimenting the bed. We enjoyed preparing it.

  5. Love it! Man you're gonna have more grub than you know what to do with.

  6. I hope we get tons. We've got a spot for potatoes in the basement, they could last all winter.