Saturday, April 30, 2011

There's Cauliflower and then there's Cauliflower

See the difference between the greenhouse cauliflower and the seeded plants we began indoors on February 24th. Who knows, maybe we'll get two separate harvest times. That would be nice.

The top plant we seeded, and the bottom one we purchased from the nursery. What a difference!
Tiny broccoli heads are appearing everywhere. They're about 3/4 of an inch around.

Last year's new raspberry plants are spreading like wildfire! Today Bel transplanted about 10 wandering shoots into a new row, while I worked in the vegetable garden. Between the berry plants we bought last month and the spreading plants of last year, we now have about 60 or 70 feet.  In the garden I added a new row of leeks interspersed with beet seeds. The tomatoes will have to wait until Monday. The onions that were unhappy as indoor seedlings are thriving in the garden, and the shallots and carrots that we direct seeded two weeks ago are beginning to appear now.  We're so happy to see them! We thought the storms had washed them away. 


  1. Your broccoli and cauliflower plants look great! We really like cauliflower, but I haven't had much luck growing it in this garden. I wish I had tried it again this year, as all my brassicas are doing so much better than they have in the past. We usually get sudden, really hot weather, but this spring has been perfect for the cool weather veggies.

    I sent the smoothie pops home with Alicyn yesterday, and her mother said she ate a whole pop for breakfast this morning! The recipe is a keeper :-)

  2. Hi Annie's Granny, we like cauliflower too. Bel blanches it and blends it into mashed potatoes. It creates a nice moist texture and is a tricky way to get our little ones to eat their vegetables! We weren't sure our brassicas would work as a spring crop either, I'm glad they're turning out well for you too. We're still smiling with you about Alicyn and the smoothie pops!

  3. We are growing cauliflower too for the 3rd year. Hope they grow fast like your beautiful seeded ones. It is amazing isn't it the differance between seeded and nursery ones. The first time we bought cauliflower from the nursery it bolted. But lucky we had beginners luck with our first seeded batches.

  4. Boy you are way ahead of me! My broccoli & cabbage are getting big...but, I just planted my little cauliflower plants yesterday!

  5. Malay-Kadazan girl, I'm glad to hear you had such great success with your first cauliflower seeds. These are our first ones too, maybe we'll be as lucky as you were.

    Robin, thanks we sure hope to see a head forming soon. Our cabbage is doing alright, but they don't have as much sunlight as the cauliflower and broccoli.