Monday, July 18, 2011

Harvest Monday

This week we've been busy having hardly anytime to post. So we'll mix this post for Daphne's Dandelions Harvest Monday with a some pictures of what's growing and of one thing that is not.

We harvested our regular bit of kale again this week. Believe it or not, it's still going strong.

This is two of about 8 plants we have. They're about 2 feet tall now. If things keep going this way through the summer we'll have tomato8 6 foot tomato stakes for next season!

We also harvested our first handful of potatoes. We only dug up 3 plants. We're waiting until later this week to finish the patch.

Russet Burbank
The last of our spring onions

This week we harvested:

kale 4 lb
potatoes 2lb
onions 3 lb
zucchini 1lb 4 oz
lettuce 1 lb
blackberries 1lb 12 oz
raspberries 1 lb

We also have several things growing.

Our melon patch, 2 watermelon, 2 cantaloupe and 1 honeydew plants

Spaghetti squash

Finally, there is one thing -an acorn tree- that has now stopped growing. 

This was very hard for us do do. We loved that tree.

Please take your hat off to this 30 year old acorn tree that we very reluctantly cut down this week. We've been debating this for years. The tree shades our garden until noon. Our tomatoes don't do so well. On the other hand, our early spring and late fall vegetables thrive. We finally decided to take it down.

I cut it to fall away from the garden, but as it began to crack and lean, it began to lean toward the garden. My heart fell. I stopped cutting, came down from the ladder then thought and stewed about it for while waiting for it to fall on the garden at any moment. Finally I came up with a plan and went back up the ladder. The tree finally came down it missed the garden. I was literally shouting for joy. I think the whole neighborhood heard me.  


  1. Sorry about the tree; at least the outcome was for more veggies to grow!

    What a great melon patch!

  2. Aw! I'm sorry that there was no other solution, I love and admire old stately trees.Good luck with the garden.

  3. Your gladioli are so colourful. Its seems to be standing straight and waving farewell to that tree. Oh wow so many melons! Nice harvest.

  4. Taters and onions do make a wonderful meal together. Glad to heaer the old tree fell the way AWAY from the garden. Hope it helps your maters!

  5. Wow, your melons are really doing well! That's one mighty fine spaghetti squash you have there! Mine are still little.

    Too bad you had to cut the tree down. I'm sure that your tomato plants appreciate it though. I bet that was one exciting moment when the tree came down!

  6. Nice looking harvest and garden! I'm always sorry to see trees go, but what has to be has to be. Mother Nature took care of our shade tree when she knocked it down in a wind storm. I miss the shade, but my garden area grew by about 75%.

  7. all your melons and squash look sooo good! I am glad your garden did not get crushed. When we first moved into our house we had maybe 13 mature trees in our yard, and one by one we have been losing or needing to cut each one down. I don't know if we will have any left. Previous owners just never took good care of them and did not give them proper spacing and they are just dying! Plus all the wind damage from Ike did not do them any good! It's sad.

  8. I had to take down one tree for my last garden. I was so sad to see it go. It was so beautiful. But if I hadn't I would never have had a good spot for the garden.

  9. :( Sometimes these things have to happen. Glad to hear it didn't damage the garden. That would have made a double tragedy! Gardeners this year have enough troubles. Although from the pictures, not you either!

  10. Your onions and potatoes look quite tasty. I know it is hard to cut down a tree for the sake of the garden - but occassionally it just has to be done. I have several trees I intend to remove at some point to improve sun availability to our garden. I am just working myself up to it though.

  11. So sorry about your tree! Your garden just looks awesome!! Your melon plants look so good and I am a little jealous of your potatoes! Your flowers look so pretty also.

  12. Allison, it was a hard decision to make, but we think it will be for the best.

    Ginny, it was a truly beautiful tree. The best one in our whole yard.

    Malay-Kadazan girl, thanks for mentioning the flowers. They are a highlight of our garden this year!

    Barbie, We're having fried taters and onions tonight!

    Robin, We were worried about the melons at first. We even pollinated them by hand. Now they seem to be flourishing.

    Shawn Ann, our place sounds a lot like yours. We moved in 5 years ago. Since then we've had to cut down 8 trees. It's all been for gardening sake.

    Daphne, it is kind of sad to see them go. Especially the healthy ones. I seem to remember you recently transplanting one of your neighbors trees. That was probably a lot of work, but worth it, I'm sure.

    The Apple Pie Gal, I was so glad it didn't damage the garden (or me)! We will keep keepin' on in the garden this summer.

    kitsapFG, I know the work-myself-up feeling all too well. This one took a couple of years. You can do it! You've got to be ready for those sunbursts!

    Alicia, Thank you. We can't wait for the melons to come in. And just yesterday we finished harvesting one of two potato patches we have. We got 26 pounds.