Monday, August 29, 2011

Harvest Monday

The harvest this week was plentiful. We have tomatoes, kale, melons, winter squash and a few other things.

Belle made a delicious kale quiche with a melon salad for dinner one evening this week.

Our watermelon patch is fading out now, but the cantaloupe patch (not pictured) is still going strong. We had to pull the honeydew patch because it was diseased.

We have a very nasty groundhog sneaking into our garden. He's eaten at 4 or 5 of our healthiest romaine lettuces. Now I'm mad. Is it wrong to lie in wait for garden varmints?

Please stop by Daphne's Dandelions our Harvest Monday host and see the wonderful harvests gardeners everywhere are sharing.

Harvest Totals,

bell peppers 1 lb
carrots 6 oz
jalapeno peppers 2 oz
jabenero peppers 4 oz
kale 2 lb
potatoes 8 oz
pumpkin 2 lb 4 oz
raspberries 4 oz
tomatilos 1 lb 14 oz
tomatoes 11  lb 11 oz
butternut squash 2 lb 1 oz
spaghetti squash 11 lb
yellow squash 8 oz
Watermelon 33 lb 14 oz

Total 67 lb 9 oz


  1. I wish we would have planted Butternut squash! That Kale looks great!

  2. I also think I must have a go with butternut squash next summer. Inspired looking at your gorgeous harvest. I wonder if Belle can share her quiche recipe. I never made a quiche before. We also have many kale to harvest quickly before it flower.

  3. Those Butternut Squash look terrific..I only had one little one to come up, maybe next year will be better.

  4. Great harvest! Those butternut squashes look HUGE! Do you have a good soup recipe to share?

  5. vewy vewy qwiet and you'll get them!

    Lookin' good Jody!!!

  6. Everything looks great! I can't believe that you got kale all summer long! Tell Belle we want the recipe!!

    I think any good gardener would lie in wait for that darn varmit! I like your other varmit much much better :)

  7. I have never thought to make a quiche is a square pan. How brilliant!

  8. Groundhogs can sure do a lot of damage. I've seen that first hand here. I've used kale in a lot of things but never in a quiche. Sounds (and looks) pretty yummy to me!

  9. Allison, the butternut squash is delicious. Belle made creamy squash soup, and kale soup with white beans and ground turkey. Thanks for commenting.

    Malay-Kadazan girl, the butternut is good, just leave lots of room for long vines. One vine passed through 5 garden rows and started climbing the fence on the opposite end of the garden. I'll add the kale quiche recipe to this post tomorrow.

    Ginny, thanks. At least you got one. Hopefully next year will be better.

    Thomas, They're a couple pounds each. Tomorrow I'll add a butternut squash soup recipe to this post. It's a delicious mix of pureed squash and chicken broth. Mmmm.

    Apple Pie Gal, me and Elmer Fudd are great pals. Thankfully he didn't teach me how to aim!

    Robin, We can't believe we have kale still. The darn things just keep growing and giving leaves like that's their job. We found several green worms on them today, and the storm bent some over. But they still just keep going. We're beginning to wonder if we can overwinter them. I'll add recipes to the post tomorrow. And yes, I plan to lie in wait. We've had enough.

    Jane, I never thought of it either. That's just the way Belle does it.

    villager, Belle's kale quiche was yummy. Thanks.

  10. Do you grow your peppers in anything special? I love the posts!

  11. I wish our butternuts would have produced this year - I am looking at your lovely harvest and feeling even sadder about the fact that our squash patch was so set back by our abnormally cool summer. I am going to be lucky to get a few small sugar pie pumpkins to maturity before the cold fall rains arrive.

  12. Hi Me, we grow our peppers in a traditional garden row. This year we amended the soil with composted manure and fertilized with liquid fish & kelp fertilizer. They weren't huge producers, but as far as peppers go, this was definitely our best year yet.

    Hi KitsapFG, sorry to hear about your butternuts. Hopefully you'll have an unusually warm September. It was a very rainy summer here, much less sun than last year. Philadeliphia broke it's all time rainfall record this month -and I think that happened even before the hurricane dumped several inches on them! We think part of our success came because we trellised the vines this time.

  13. I'll chime in on the butternuts as well...YAY for butternuts!!! I anxiously awaiting ours!!! Sorry about your groundhog...stinkin! Everything looks wonderful, though! Congratulations on a marvelous harvest!

  14. Bee Girl, thanks for dropping by again. I hope you have a full harvest too. We were able to keep the groundhog out of the garden last night. Hopefully that won't change.