Monday, September 19, 2011

Harvest Monday Sept. 19, 11

This week we were on vacation, so most of our harvest came at the end of the week. On Friday and Saturday we harvested one cantaloupe, a few jalapenos, just enough tomatillos for one more batch of Salsa Verde (viva la Mexican food!), a couple more butternut squashes, several spaghetti squashes, pumpkin squashes and a few green tomatoes. There they are ripening in the window in the picture below.

Our plan is to follow Robin's recipe at "The Gardener of Eden" for Pickled Green Tomatos. If "the Italian" likes them, then the recipe must be good! I'm sure about this because he liked our barbequed chicken, and that's enough for me. Truth be told he saved our barbequed chicken from burning, while I was showing Robin the garden! Did you read Robin's post a couple days ago at "The Gardener of Eden"?  She and "The Italian" came for lunch on Saturday. Good times! Belle made a special romaine salad with feta cheese, kalamata olives and tomatoes from the garden. We ate watermelon and had delicious wine. We didn't take any picks of the salad, or of dinner; we were having to much fun just being with them. It was a really great time with really great people. We're so glad they came!

We also accidentally harvested two spindly looking sweet potatoes. We'll try not to harvest the full crop until late October or November, weather permitting...

Be sure to drop by Daphne's Dandelions for Harvest Monday, and see what other gardeners all over the world have harvested this week.

Harvest totals:
 cantaloupe 2 lb 13 oz
jalapenos 8 oz
butternut squash 2 lb 11 oz
spaghetti squash 7 lb 9 oz
pumpkin squash 3 lb 12 oz
sweet potatoes 6 oz
tomatillos 4 lb
tomatoes 1 lb 4 oz
romaine 1 lb 8 oz               

Weekly Total 24 lb 4 oz


  1. I'm attempting growing sweet potatoes for the first time and if I get some that are even half as big as your 'spindly ones' I'll be over the moon. Nice pumpkins.

  2. We had a great time and really enjoyed the wonderful food that Belle prepared! I think that "The Italian" is totally hooked on those dill pickles! They are fabulous! I hope that they last for a week or two!

    Tell Belle, I NEED the recipe!

  3. Oh good, my sweet potatoes look the same and I got a short season type too. Glad you had such a nice visit.

  4. I did not get to meet "The Italian" but did get the chance to meet up with Robin this summer in her garden and we had a great time - so I can only imagine a garden visit WITH food in the mix was even better.

    I am jealous of the butternut squash. My butternuts are only just now forming up fruits - way too late. We had such a cool summer that they just pouted for months before finally deciding to do something.

  5. Nice harvest for this time of the season! I hope I have some sweet potatoes under those nice looking leaves..the first crop of potatoes weren't good at all..

  6. Wow that is a massive spaghetti squash! I only got two this year that are much much smaller.

  7. Wow! I so want a garden!! I bet your boys love to help. What fun digging your hands in the dirt and enjoying the fruits of your labor. :-)

  8. Hey - if those two taters aren't ALL your taters you've got me beat! LOL

  9. Wow...that's a lot of tomatillos! Wonderful! I've been thinking about trying to grow some sweet potatoes next year so I'm very curious to see how yours turn out!

  10. Liz, thanks for commenting. I hope you have giant sweet potatoes! They are so delicious aren't they. Have you ever tried baking them as french fries? MMmmm.

    Robin, I should have sent two jars home with "The Italian". It's the garlic! BTW, we cracked a bottle of the apple wine from the batch we sent home with you. It's very good!

    Jane, May our sweet potatoes fatten up together! Thanks we had a great visit. Ohio's not to far. Come see us anytime!

    KitsapFG,it's great to hear that you got to see Robin. What brought you all the way to PA? You know we have family in WA. We're sure to be in your neck of the woods soon. Hint, hint, hint!

    Ginny, I'm sure you'll get a few good potatoes. We're really excited about ours.

    Vanessa,that squash looks bigger than it really is. I hope you have a huge harvest next year. Have you thought about trellising the vines. You can tie the weight of hanging fruit up with stockings. They work kind of like hammocks for squashes.

    Marianne, Between your chickens and beautiful flowers and citrus trees, it sounds to me like you've already started a garden! What boys don't love digging in the dirt? Thanks.

    Barbie, did you plant taters this year? Their vines sure take up lots of space.

    Bee Girl, tomatillos are amazing producers. They also give volunteers like mad. We really enjoy Mexican food and they definitely go with all things Mexican. If you've never planted sweet potatoes (this was our first time) be ready to share garden space. They grow a thick bed of vines that spread. Next year we'll probably try to trellis the vines for more garden space.

  11. I am still amazed that you are still harvesting squash and melon. You must have many squash to use until next year season.

  12. Hi MKg, we have them everywhere! We'll be eating squash all winter long. We harvest one more this week. Now they're done. It turns out that we'll still get a couple more cantaloupes too. We don't know what happened, but we're happy about it!