Monday, September 26, 2011

Harvest Monday

Do you remember these spindly looking things from Harvest Monday last week?

We thought they were all this way. But Belle gave them a closer inspection and this is what she found!

More than 15 pounds of sweet potatoes!

And this is what we made for dinner!

That's some of the apple wine we brewed this year. We weren't supposed to open it until December, but it's already very tasty!
Grilling sweet potato slices for a salad dish.

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad for the main dish with romaine salad as a side.

Belle made Grilled Sweet Potato Salad with feta cheese, orange bell peppers, tomatoes and a bunch of other stuff. We thought we had eaten all our homegrown chicken, but we found one last piece that went great with this meal. We also had garden fresh romaine salad. And do you know what the best thing was about this meal? The kids liked it too!

Sorry, I'm not posting from home so I have no harvest totals this week. I would estimate we gathered around 25 pounds. We picked romaine lettuce, beans, sweet potatoes, jalapeno peppers,onions, carrots, tomatoes and a volunteer tube of potatoes that we didn't even know was in the garden!

Be sure to stop by Daphne's Dandelions for Harvest Monday, where gardeners around the world are sharing their harvests.


  1. I love sweet potatoes on the grill! I've never tried them in a salad but yours sounds (and looks) yummy. My hat's off to you if the kids liked it too! I was such a picky eater when I was young (I got over it).

  2. Boy that sweet potato salad does sound wonderful! I want to know what the bunch of other stuff was in that salad! Tell Belle, we want the recipe!

  3. It all looks good and tasty, and what a surprise clutch of sweet potatoes :o)
    Bet that chicken was the best you've ever had..nothing like home grown :o)

  4. Oooh, I'll have to try the sweet potatoes on the grill!

  5. villager, I've never been a big fan of sweet potatoes, but after Belle's idea to grill them, I love them, and so did the kids.

    Robin, the salad was great. Sorry for holding out on the recipe. I couldn't get it when I posted.

    Belle left me a note that says, to add basil, grilled sweet potatoes, Gorgonzola cheese, grilled onions and your favorite vinegar dressing to taste.

    Her base recipe came from Kalyn's Kitchen online.

    Ginny, Thanks it was very tasty. The sweet potatoes were a delightful surprise, both in the garden and on the table. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed them.

    dr. momi, thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment. You'll really like grilled sweet potatoes. I know because I didn't like sweet potatoes very much, until now!

  6. Wow! That looks absolutely fantastic! I've never tried grilled sweet potatoes before, but I definitely will now.

  7. We hadn't tried them before last week, and let me tell you they're great!

  8. Gorgeous harvest. Now you made me wish that the sweet potato shoots that we have just recently planted to grow as fast as possible to produce tubers. I never tried grill them. What a nice way to enjoy them!

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