Monday, October 17, 2011

Harvest Monday 10/17/11

We've not harvested a lot this week, unless you count the cabbage worms!  Can we count the weight of cabbage worms in our totals? That would bring things up for sure!  I guess we'd have to eat them to count them.  Hmmm... Speaking of totals, don't let our weight totals trick you. The heavy stuff came two weeks ago. This week was definitely slim picking.

This week we harvested beans, jalapenos and sweet pumpkins.

Sorry we have just that one lonely picture above. It's almost all the produce we picked this week. 

Maybe this wonderful picture below will cheer you up. You may need to click on the picture to read the placard. It's on our feed miller's barn door. That's what our family calls true "whole grain goodness"! Sorry Cheerios.

Harvest Totals (We missed Harvest Monday last week so the vegetables and totals are for two weeks.)

bush beans               1 lb 4 oz
carrots                     1 lb
leeks                        13 oz
jalapenos                  12 oz
romaine lettuce          1 lb 12 oz
sweet potatoes          23 lb 12 oz
sweet pumpkin          4 lb 9 oz
Tomatoes                  4 lb 3 oz    
Two week total           38 lb  1 oz

Take a moment to stop by Daphne's Dandelions and see what gardeners all of the world are harvesting this time of year.


  1. Nice beans and jalapenos. Harvest Monday seems to be winding down for all of us.

    I am really, really grossed out by cabbage worms. so much so that I can't eat broccoli because I wonder if they are in there somewhere.

  2. That looks like a good meal to me and some nice stuffed Jalapeno's taste great I'm told..:o)

  3. The peppers just aren't stopping this year! Boy I wish that I had planted some later beans.

    Can't believe that you are still getting tomatoes!

  4. GrafixMuse,Belle is really grossed out by the worms too. Just to save our plants, I've resorted to squishing them in my fingers. Gross!

    Ginny, We made beef stew with the beans and the Jalapenos will be pickled for winter time snacking! I really liked your fried green tomato video. My favorite part was Cecil in the background asking about something or other! I'd sure love to spend some time with you someday.

    Robin, Just ask Annie's Granny she gave us the word on later beans. We're not getting a lot, but at least it's something. All our tomatoes are green now. Just today I picked more than 5 pounds of that volunteer next to the kitchen; then I pulled the plant. We really, really hope to find time to pickle them with your recipe. If not, we'll have to remove them from our harvest totals. Belle won't let that happen. I'm sure.

  5. I always get humbled and grateful for what my garden offers up to me as the days get shorter and colder. Bits and pieces of fresh garden fare still add up to some good eating!

    The caterpillars seem extra populous around our area this year too.

  6. It's really amazing to see the way the garden hangs on! We hope so, because we have a lot of cabbage plants in the ground still growing!

  7. My mum used to try and convince me that caterpillars were good for me as there was protein in them - even at 5 I didn't believe her....

  8. Your jalapenos are gorgeous! I really need to plant more of those guys next year!

  9. Jody, that is an impressive total for two weeks! Something to definitely be proud of.

  10. Hi Liz, yuck! I've resorted to squishing them between my fingers, just to save our plants.

    Thanks Bee Girl, our jalapenos have been very hearty and easy to grow. I hope you're able to try them.

    Thanks Leigh, thanks. I know our weight totals can't begin to compare with what you're harvesting on the farm! Especially with all the animals. Maybe someday we'll be able to homestead too!

  11. Oh wow you are still getting a lot more out of your garden than we are! We just got a couple of eggplants, grape tomatoes and some green tomatoes.

  12. The cabbage worms have devastated my Kale!