Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow storm? We haven't even had our first frost!

We're getting hit hard today by a snow storm. Our brassicas are sagging low under the weight of this wet and heavy snow. The funny thing about this snow storm is that we're still waiting for our first frost. I think the plants will be OK. Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 50s.

One of our brassica beds.
Our jalapeno plant is still producing, or at least was producing.
There are brassicas on the left of the leeks completely covered in snow.
A leek in the snow
Our new garlic bed, now covered in snow.
Thankfully we took our chickens to the butcher on Thursday. We would be having a miserable time with them in the snow.

Reiff's Poultry Dressing Mifflinburg, PA


  1. Ooh, great timing on the chickens! I'm guessing the brassicas and leeks won't mind the snow.

  2. Snow seems to the reoccurring theme today. I would love to visit up North again but I can do without the snow. The chicken processing place looks very nice.

  3. Very strange weather. Hope the snow thawed quickly.

  4. Hi Dave, great timing indeed. I sure hope you're right about the brassicas. Our garden is filled with them.

    Becky, snow, snow, snow. The chicken processing place is wonderful. Eli, an old order Mennonite and his wife run the place. They do an amazing job.

    Malay-Kadazan girl, I hope it thaws quickly too. We're depending on it.

  5. Oh my goodness it is hard to believe that you all are already getting snow!!

  6. Crazy that you've gotten snow before you've gotten a frost! Who knew?! Hope you're staying warm with all that snow!

  7. Wow, crazy weather. We are going to get our first good frost tonight!

  8. It sure is crazy weather. We were spared the snow and rain except for a dusting last might. We had snow also before our first frost and even my dahlias survived but the next day was 23 so they didn't look too healthy after that. My brussel sprouts are still standing tall however and we have had snow 3 times.

  9. You can have that snow! it's cold as the dickens here in NC but we haven't had the snow yet..the frost is enough.

  10. That snow was just crazy! Hopefully the weather will return to normal now and we will have a mild winter!

    Great timing on the chickens! You would have gone crazy trying to tend to them in that storm.

    I hope you are with power!

  11. Great timing on the chickens, for sure! I can't believe how much snow has fallen already for your part of the country.

    Hopefully the weather is not telling for the winter to come!