Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friendly and Generous Gardeners

If you've done much reading at all on the subject, you've probably read that gardening promotes kindness and generosity in the community. I might normally be shy around others, for example, but I'll talk to anyone who wants to talk about gardening.  I might normally keep to myself in the neighborhood but will happily pass a handful of fresh picked veggies across the fence. I might not really enjoy buying groceries at the store, but will spend hours talking, sharing stories and getting tips from the local vendors at the farmers market, or the cashier in the local feed store. Gardening seems to make us all a little friendlier and more generous than we might otherwise be.

Isn't the same thing true of the online gardening community? Belle and I have been blogging for just about a year now. We've not met or enjoyed a friendlier or more generous bunch of people anywhere! You're polite and kind, welcoming and outgoing, patient and helpful. (Heck, you all might as well be boy scouts!) You share your stories. You share tips and knowledge. You even share your time and gifts with us. This year Belle and I have been happily surprised, even overwhelmed by your friendliness and generosity.Thank you.

Why are we being all mushy like that? It's gotta be the seeds! We've received so many seed packages from so many of you! I think Robin set us up with enough heirloom varieties to last a lifetime. Thank you all. You're so very kind. While we're thinking about it... thank you for following our blog. Thanks to the many of you who faithfully stop by and leave a comment. Thank you for that kind of friendliness and generosity that can only be found among gardeners. Thank you especially Robin. You encouraged us to start blogging; you visited our garden in person this year; you always reply to our questions with such great advice; and, yes, it's the seeds. We've gone mushy because of all those the seeds. You're the best. We only hope be able to reciprocate all the kindness we've experienced from you and the rest of our gardening friends since we began blogging.

Just a few of the many seeds we've received.
Several lettuce seeds from Robin. Daphne sent us several varieties of lettuce too that we can't wait to try this year.

Several heirloom varieties Robin picked up while in Italy.

Tomatoes from Robin, so carefully packaged.
Beautifully packaged heirlooms from Malay Kadazan. We can't wait to try the Kailan
It snowed this morning on our garden -a very peaceful moment. Not sure if it was the snow or the fact that the kids were still asleep!

Gardening wouldn't be the same without you.


  1.'s gotta be the seeds :) Gardening wouldn't be the same without people like you and Belle!

    "The Italian's" parents brought those seeds back from Italy. Unfortunately, we (I) haven't made it there yet :(

    You wouldn't believe all the free seeds I have received this year. I got a bunch since I e-mailed you. So, be expecting another package!

  2. You have lots of garden planning to do -- better hop to it :-)

  3. It's nice to see that you are thankful for those seed packages,gardners are a difference group..that's because they love Mother Nature's powers.:o)

  4. Ginny, we sure are a different breed.

  5. It is definitely a hobby that promotes giving! I get more excitement out of sharing seeds and my harvested veggies more than planting the seeds/eating the veggies myself!

  6. Prarie Cat, Yes it is a hobby that promotes giving! We get more excitement out of sharing too. And we're pulling for you and finding a solution for your freezing pipes.

  7. Yes, gardening people are the most generous people I have ever encountered. I too am glad that we have such a wonderful on-line garden community. I enjoy catching up on everyone's garden and life. It looks like Robin has you well prepared for the upcoming season. I can't wait to see your garden grow.

    1. Thanks! We're hoping for an amazing year.

  8. I don't talk much too. But I surprised myself when how much I talk about gardening. Hope you have a very successful gardening year this year.