Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brassica Rapas, Brassica Yummies!

Brassica rapa is a fancy way to describe Asian greens like bok choi, turnips and savoy.   We're in the initial stages now of more regular harvests, and yes, you got it right, it's all about Asian greens. We're fairly new at growing rapa plants, but we love it. They seem to grow much faster than the conventional brassicas like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage and they are very tender, mild and easy to cook and eat.

Check out that stack of bok Choi. The calendar behind it is at least 12 inches square! Belle used some of them along with  baby bok choi (not pictured) to make stir fry last night. She also did a little research on bok choi and discovered that it is a better source of calcium than milk! Who knew?

Happy gardening!


  1. My Asian greens are really growing fast now. I can't wait for the first harvest.

  2. I bet your greens are coming in

  3. Wow! That's huge asian greens harvest!

  4. Thanks Malar. I hope your winter weather isn't to wet and yucky!