Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tatsoi delights! And freezing bok choi results.

Tonight we harvested tatsoi, or as it is also called, Chinese cabbage, and even mustard spinach.  It's very high in vitamin A, and of all things kind of fatty too.  We have absolutely no experience with it. Out of the 8 or so heads we harvested, we kept 3 for fresh salads and the rest went into the freezer.

Now concerning the bok choi freezer test. Belle concluded that blanching is not necessary. It only makes the choi more mushy. Even so, after her freeze-it-and-see test the choi is (though not perfectly, but at least adequately)  firm enough to use in stir fry and especially soup.

Happy gardening, happy harvests!

C. James helping chop and freeze Tatsoi for winter cooking.


  1. I had the same results from boc choy. It is fine for a stir fry and certainly good for soup.

    1. Now we're wondering what Tatsoi will taste like. Belinda is going to make a salad with some of it this week.

  2. I have planted both this year too. going to have to freeze some now too :)

  3. Good to know. I will try growing more bok choi in the fall to freeze with stir fries and soups.

  4. I guess this stuff is old hat for some people. But for us, this is our first truly successful year with Asian greens. We really enjoy them.