Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Early Spring Vegetable Selections

Our early spring garden seeds are planted. For now they are only soil blocks. But soon they will be starts, and then they will become plants, and eventually they will fruit, and we will eat!

Lactuca sativa VarietyLocationSeed CompanyPlant Count
LettuceFlashy Trout BackPots/Cold FrameDave20
LettuceRed SailsPots/Cold FrameFedco20
RomaineParis Island Pots/Cold FrameFedco20

Allium cepa

OnionNew York EarlyMain GardenFedco24
OnionRed Delicious Main GardenBurpee24
OnionWalla-WallaMain GardenFedco24

Allium porrum

LeekBleu de Solaize
Brassica oleracea

BroccoliWaltham 29 Main Garden Fedco24
Cauliflower???Main Garden
CabbageLate Flat DutchMain GardenAgway12
KaleDwarfed Blue Main GardenBurpee6

Brassica rapa

Pac ChoiPrize Choyspring gardenFedco18
TatsoiYukina Savoyspring gardenDave18
TurnipEarly Purple Milanspring gardenMTG48