Friday, July 11, 2014

Harvesting Garlic

It's that time again. On Wednesday we harvested our garlic patch. We keep 5 varieties Aglio Rosso (purple stripe family), Khabar, Siberian,  (creole family), St. Helens and Silver White (silverskin family). This is our third harvest of these lines. The creole family and silverskins are doing the best. Aglio Rosso is hanging in there, getting better each year, but it struggles in this zone. They all get better with each new year.

The kids seem to enjoy this time in the harvest year. First comes the asparagus in spring, then the Asian vegetables, after that the June strawberries appear, then the brassicas and now root vegetables and garlic! Next comes the summer stuff. That's when things really get busy! For now, I'm thankful the garlic is hanging in the basement to dry!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Late Spring Harvests

This spring we harvested bok choi, spinach, tatsoi, lettuce and asparagus. Enjoy the pictures.

the weight totals are listed below.

Bok choi magically became kimchi! Thanks Belle!

bok choi kimchi!
Processing spinach, nothing wasted. The stems at the top of the picture will be juiced.

Spinach greens
A mountain of turnips (45 or so plants) on the kitchen table!
Turnip greens for winter juicing.

45 -50 turnips! Will store for winter soups.

Tatsoi (kind of like the asian version of spinach).
Weight totals:
asparagus (not pictured) 2 lb 9 oz
bok choi 15 lb 7 oz
lettuce (not pictured) 5 lb 13 oz
spinach 12 lb 13 oz
tatsoi 34 lb 6 oz
turnips and turnip greens 41 lb 15 oz