Saturday, March 26, 2011

Catching Roof Rain

Today we went out to an Amish farm to pick up one of two very large containers that we plan to use for catching roof rain.  You can see the container next to those two cute boys in the back of the pick-up and next to the buggy.  Our plan is to convert the large containers into rain water reservoirs that will catch our roof water.  If I've done the math right, then an inch of rainfall caught on one side of our our 1400 square foot roof will fill 1container to the brim!  From there, it's a 10 or 20 foot descent to the garden.  Gravity should create enough pressure to do the job. Lord willing, and with my dad's help, we'll install the system this June and have rainwater, instead of city water, for the hot summer months.


  1. Those are two very handsome fellows in the truck! That is a nice big storage container. How many gallons does is hold?

  2. Thanks Robin, I'm sure do love your blog. Your new header pic of broccoli and cabbage plants is beautiful. The containers hold 330 gallons each. I plan to put two side-by-side tanks below our backyard deck. Apparently they need to be in a dark place to keep the algae from growing.