Saturday, April 2, 2011

Preparing Rows

What better way to start the day than outside?  We prepared our first full row in the large garden. The garden is around 25 feet wide with 8 rows 30 feet long each. 

We've chosen not to use a tiller.  They're too loud and smelly.  A tiller would scare the chickens anyway.  Neither do we turn the soil in the garden between the rows. We get less weeds this way. I've also read that the less the soil is disturbed the more the nutrients are retained.  We try to avoid packing the dirt by making this year's rows, next year's walking paths and next year's rows, this year's walking paths.

We began by digging a small trench.  Then we filled it with compost, covered the compost with dirt and turned it in.  We use black plastic for warmth and weed control, with t-tape beneath the plastic for watering. 

Tomorrow we'll put the broccoli and cauliflower in!  Our plants are beyond ready for the garden.  The weather man is predicting snow today, but then the lows are in the 40's for the new week. That's good enough for me! 


  1. Sounds to me that your on the right track to reap a harvest..Good luck :o)

  2. Thanks Gingerbreadhouse. We're expecting the very best.

  3. It was a beautiful day to get some garden work done. I think that your plants will be happy to finally get put in the ground! I am putting my broccoli and cabbage in at the plots on Monday.

  4. Yes it was a truly beautiful day, and hopefully it will be a beautiful week too. We have a 30% chance of rain in this area on Monday. The rest is clear and 10 degrees warmer most of the time! I'm thinking our broccoli should do quite well.