Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lovely Flowers and Berries, Berries, Berries

Today I saw a surprise beauty in our garden, yes Bel was there and so were these lovely flowers she planted. Thanks Bel. This is going to be the year of gorgeous flowers for sure!

Anybody know what kind of flower this is?

And while I was adding soil to our fast growing potatoes, Bel also harvested 8 pounds of strawberries. We'll be getting berries every day now for about a month. I know why they call them June berries!  Our little patch will give us enough berries to last us through the winter and into spring of next year. It's freezing time!

The container is about 1 gallon and a half.


  1. Holy cow! They really came up quickly, didn't they. I went out and bought a few strawberry plants the other day and will be planting them soon. I hope that by next year they'll spread and multiply enough to have a substantial harvest next year. About how many plants do you have, and are they all the same variety?

  2. Hi Prairie Cat, thanks for posting. They come all at once. It's very labor intensive. They're all the same variety, but I don't know what variety they are. We bought them from a local farmer. We have 3 rows, and each row is about 20 feet long. We prune the old plants each year to make room for the new ones. The variety we have is said to produce for 3 years. We're in our 4th year now and production is not slowing down at all.

  3. Oh I did not know that strawberry can be freeze. Thank you.

  4. Those strawberries look delicious..We love them with sour cream and sometimes with a little heavy cream or ice cream...this year we have been eating them like crazy...maybe I should plant some.. somewhere on this "Almost an Acre" farm :o)

  5. Mala-Kadazan, They freeze very well. It helps to spread them out on a cookie sheet and freeze them individually before you bag them. This way you're not left with a squishy clump of messy berries when you thaw them for use.

    Ginny, I highly recommend a patch. We're working an almost acre space too, and they are completely worth it. Although they are a bit labor intensive -but that's just gardening, right?

  6. How nice to have all those beautiful things in your garden...including Bel!

    I am hoping that we will have some strawberries this week. Now that the sun is shining!!