Monday, August 8, 2011

Harvest Monday

Our first melon!

This morning for Daphne's Dandelions Harvest Monday our most exciting harvest is cantaloupe. We had that delicious ripe melon with dinner just last night. It was a hit.

More peaches!

We took action with our failing peach crop by picking them before they ripen and setting them in the sun. Many of them are still rotting on the table, but not as many as would rot on the vine. I think we'll have a larger harvest than I expressed in an earlier post.

Weekly harvest totals:
bell peppers 5 lb 3 oz
cantaloupe 4 lb 8 oz
cucumbers 14 lb 6 oz
1 tiny yummy carrot
jalapeno pepper 2 lb
jabenero pepper 4 oz
kale13 oz
peaches 12 lb
pickling cucumbers 26 lb 1 oz
raspberries 2 lb 4 oz
spaghetti squash 5 lb
tomatillo 13 lb 9 oz
tomato 9 lb 10 oz

Weekly Total 95 lb 7 oz


  1. Wow, what a great harvest!! Do you believe that I will be picking my first cuc today? I planted them as a second crop and really really late. I'm happy that they aren't in full swing. I really don't have time to do pickles this week. Last year I got so tired of picking cucs that I pulled almost all the vines when the pickles were done!

    We had cantaloupe yesterday was yummy. What variety did you plant? Yours looks great!

  2. Oh my goodness - all those peaches! How wonderful!

  3. That melon has me licking the screen :o) it looks delicious. and those Peaches better get them canned before the bees get them.

  4. Robin,we've been overwhelmed with cucumbers, that's for sure. Thankfully we've been able to sell about half of them roadside. I really wish I'd kept a record. We don't know what most of our varieties are. We're going to have to work on that.

    Allison, we sure hope so!

    Ginny, that melon was so good. We're just waiting for them to ripen enough to blanch and peel!

  5. Well glad you will get a few more peaches that you thought. That is always good news. And I am with you, cant eat enough of these melons. I just wish I didnt get so many ripe at one time.

  6. Ninety-five pounds? That's terrific! I'm especially jealous about those gorgeous peppers. I picked a very unripe one yesterday, and wish I hadn't. It would have tasted much better if I'd waited.

  7. Jane, we're glad too. It's a lot of work and hard to see all the waste, but we're getting what we can.

    Annie's' Granny, thanks! This is by far our biggest harvest week we've ever recorded. We've had to pick a few of ours before they were ripe, just to save them from rotting on the vine. The newer ones have been doing much better.

  8. Oh yum wish I have a piece of your melon too. Look so sweet and juicy. So many cucumber from your garden this summer. Nice harvest.

  9. Malay-Kadazan, So many cucumbers! Thankfully our nephew is staying with us this summer. He loves them, and eats so many of them with salt and lime.

  10. Well it all looks delicious but that melon and those cukes are pretty darn gorgeous looking! What variety of cucumber are you growing?

  11. Hi KitsapFG, our cucumbers and melons have turned out nicely this year. I wish I could tell you what varieties they are. I have a list... somewhere. When I find it, I'll post the varieties. For now all I can tell you that the cucumber is a popular choice of hybrid by Burpee.

  12. Oh yum peaches. I can't wait for my peach tree to grow up and give me some.

  13. Daphne, we had only a few healthy peaches after all. I know you'll enjoy what comes. Peaches are an exceptional fruit.