Monday, October 24, 2011

Harvest Monday Oct. 24, 11

This week we harvested green tomatoes for a salsa batch Belle plans to make this week. Kale went into a quiche, and we harvested green beans, jalapenos and one leek. Belle also brought our lemon grass plant inside for the winter and harvested several stocks for an essential oil recipe she's working on.

Lemon grass

C. James in his Iron Man outfit. Halloween comes early around here.

Q. James loves raw kale. Watch out for cabbage worms!
Harvest totals:
green beans:      11 oz
Jalapenos            5 oz
Kale                    2 lb
1 Leek
Lemon Grass
Green Tomatoes   6 lb 7 oz
                            9 lb 7 oz

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  1. Looks like there is no shortage of harvesting at your gardens :o) the greens look delicious :o)

  2. I miss our jalapenos! I think we tore them out too soon. Oh well...I'll live vicariously through you and yours ;-) Great harvests this week! Congrats!

  3. Wow, that is some big lemon grass! Do you plant it in the ground, or in a container? I have ours in large pots but I am thinking it could spend the summer in the ground.

  4. Ginny, we're sure thankful the bit that we're still getting.

    Bee Girl, thanks. Our jalapenos were our best pepper producing plants this year, no question.

    Dave, we got the plant last year from a friend. It barely survived the winter indoors. We planted it in the ground on the south side of the house where there's lots of sunlight.

  5. That is fantastic lemongrass. It has also reminded me that I really need to move mine - It doesn't get nearly enough sun. How large a pot do you grow it in?

  6. Thanks Liz. We hardly expected it; We grow it in a pot in the winter. During the summer its in the ground. The winter pot is at least 3 gallons.

  7. great bunch of lemongrass u have there...i love lemongrass esp in asian style soup....:)

  8. I have a big grin on my face looking at the last cute photo. Wow lemon grass grow so well at your garden. Nice harvest.

  9. HangKebon, thanks,we enjoy it in asian style soup too. It adds a nice tangy flavor.

    Malay Kadazan girl, he makes me smile too!

  10. Love your garden Iron Man! He will be a real one if he keeps loving that kale. :D

    That lemon grass is really impressive!

  11. Wow your kale looks great!! Our fall Kale is a little behind this year because I was lazy and got it in late, but yours looks fantastic!

  12. Wow I am impressed that you are going to make lemon grass oil!