Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our first Cold Frame

We finally did it. We've been planning to do it for a long time, and we still have more to do, but we at least have one box built. Our next step it to prepare the soil. We're going to make the soil extra hot, hoping the veggies we have will stay warm and grow this winter. They're under lights in the basement right now, and we'll transfer them to the cold frame as soon as we get the hot soil ready. The cold frame is an old 4x5 cabinet with glass doors. We reenforced the cabinet and turned it on its back.

It's an old cabinet, but not useless by any means. C. James and his safety goggles!
Q. James helped with every screw!
Q. James set the screws and I drilled them. I'm not kidding. Do you see the drill on the right?
The cold frame's permanent home. Its close to the kitchen (great for winter) with lots of sun.


  1. Nice looking cold frame. I can't wait so see what you will do for the "hot" soil and what you will be planting.

  2. Great idea. Love recycling ideas. What do you mean by hot soil. Never heard that term before.

  3. Wow looks great. Cant wait to see what veggies you are planting.

  4. I just saw one of my neighbours throw out some old big cabinet beside the roadside and think how it will be good for your project. Brilliant idea! Can't wait what will growing in there. Looking forward.

  5. GrafixMuse, thanks. I'll be sure to post about our attempt to make the soil hot.

    Hi Wilderness, I should have explained. Belle read somewhere about it recently. You layer fresh manure on the bottom. cover with several inches of sand then put your growing dirt on top. The decomposing manure is will hopefully heat the soil. We're gonna give it a try.

    Jane, thanks. We have carrots, salsify(?), beets, green leaf lettuce and red leaf lettuce. I'm guessing the root veggies will overwinter. Maybe we'll get a little leaf lettuce in the meantime.

    Malay-Kadazan girl, that's funny because that's exactly where we got this cabinet. Someone put it out on the road to be thrown away.

  6. Great idea! be nice to see how well it works out..

  7. Your cold frame looks great!! Have fun with it. We love winter gardening with cold frames, we have three of our own. There's nothing better than scraping the snow off on a sunny day in January and harvesting fresh greens and carrots!!

    Cold frames are also super for getting an early start on your spring planting, we usually are eating spring lettuces and other goodies 6 weeks sooner that we would be otherwise.

  8. Ginny, thanks for the vote of confidence. We're hoping for the best.

    Stoney Acres, thanks we'll give it a go and see what we get.

  9. Very nice! I really want a cold frame.

  10. That is awesome! I am jealous.

  11. Congratulations on your cabinet turned cold frame! Yay for re-using! We don't have a cold frame yet...it's on the list...for now we just have the two "wagons"...so I look forward to seeing how your works out!

  12. Becky, we've wanted one for a long time too. It's the plants under lights downstairs that twisted our arm!

    Vanessa, thanks.

    Bee Girl, we've not taken the "wagon" plunge yet, but yours look really great. We look forward to seeing how yours work out too.