Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard

Out with the old and in with the new. Last year we stored lots of blackberries and they were still in the freezer. Now we have lots of new blackberries almost ready to come in (Belle added 4 new plants). While on vacation, and all this week we've been enjoying blackberry lemonade. It's not the healthiest way to enjoy homegrown blackberries, but with 2 young boys and a teenage niece who is visiting, it's the best way to enjoy them!

Blackberry Lemonade Southern Living Magazine

Fresh Blackberries 3 cups
Water 7 cups
Sugar 1/4 cup
Lemonade mix 1/4
Garnish w/fresh mint and lemon slices

Process the blackberries in a sieve.
Stir in 7 cups of water, sugar and drink mix.
Garnish if desired.

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  1. Sounds yummy! I still have some blackberries in the freezer from last year. I think I will be making a batch of blackberry jam with them since we won't be getting any berries this year from the trimmed and moved plants

    1. Jam sounds great. this way you'll have a taste here and there till next year when you berries come in again.

  2. Replies
    1. No, I've never tried that. Do you mean for a sweetener? I'm interested.

    2. Exactly. I've seen it in the local Garden stores around here. Perhaps it could be used as an off grid source of sweetener when us northern folk cannot grow sugar cane. Or can we?

  3. I am so jealous! I wish we had room for berry bushes. And with Andy's new routine of using frozen berries every night in smoothies our wallet really wishes we had berry bushes also!

  4. Interesting first time I heard about blackberry lemonade.