Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pets not Produce

Some young friends of ours posted pics of their pets. We thought it would be fun to do the same, our show of support for their brand new blog. I wish I could direct you all to it, but since it's a kids blog, they're keeping it among people they know.

Here's a couple of our boys pets.

In Calvin's words: "We caught my pet frog in the pool. And I like that we caught him because I like tree frogs." His name is Froggy.

Quentin said, "I don't want to touch him, yes because, he will poop on me." This one is named Froggy too.

The boys can't wait to meet the Fick brothers and their icky pets!


  1. Cool i really like their frogs, it's also cool that you found them in your pool we find frogs in our pool to but the ones in our pool are very small. Nate's frog is also a tree frog but i am not sure what kind, anyway have you seen our frog eggs post, i think you better check it out, this is ben.

  2. Thanks Ben for the comment. I hope I'm able to check out the frog egg post. Thank you. Love Calvin

  3. I love frogs! My boys have a leopard gecko and two hamsters. Sometimes I wonder why they get to have the pets but mom gets to do all the work?