Friday, June 7, 2013

Strawberry Popcorn

For the first time in our gardening life, last year we grew corn. We enjoyed it so much that this year we carved out a new 15x10 foot corn patch. Thanks Robin for sending us seeds and getting us interested! We tried one variety called strawberry popcorn (pictured below).

We did a little reading about storage and learned that they can spoil and/or dry out over time. So we kept the kernels on their cobs in a sealed glass jar in the fridge and sprayed them with a little water to keep things moist. It worked like a charm. Even though the kernels were almost a year old every single one popped!  This popped corn, by comparison to grocery store varieties, was very small. It was also very crunchy and sweet -a very rewarding bedtime snack for the boys!

Strawberry Popcorn Kernels

Popped Strawberry Corn
Happy gardening, healthy living to you!


  1. It looks delicious. I could never grow popcorn though. My husband eats so few things from the garden, but the sweet corn he raves about. So I have to grow that.

  2. Honestly Daphne, we won't be growing popcorn this year. We're all about the sweet corn too! But the strawberry variety has definitely fun for the kids.

  3. I am growing Strawberry Popcorn this year and I was wondering how you went about popping it. Did you remove the kernels from the cob? I read you can put the whole cob in a brown paper bag and microwave it to pop it.