Monday, February 10, 2014

2013 Weight Totals

We began keeping itemized weight totals in 2011. Each year we've steadily increased our yield. We're up again this year, largely because our heavy producers -potatoes, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe and corn gave incredible yields.

Watermelon went up 42 lbs this year. Cantaloupe went up 59 lbs, corn 100 lbs and tomatoes had an amazing 136 lb increase over last year. I attribute the tomato weight increase to better weather, better spacing and lots of composted horse manure!

For our own record, and anyone who might be interested, the totals are listed below.


beans (green) 1 lb
beets 5 lb 3 oz
beet greens 2 lb
bok choi 16 lb 2 oz
broccoli 1 lb 4 oz
cabbage 18 lb 5 oz
cantaloupe 75 lb 4 oz
carrots 6 lb 5 oz
cauliflower 6 lb 1 oz
celery 5 lb 7 oz
corn 138 lb 13 oz
egg plant 2 lb 5 oz
jalapeno 4 lb 7 oz
kale 4 lb 14 oz
leeks 6 lb 1 oz
lettuce 30 lb lb 6 oz
okra 4oz
onions 50 lb
peas 6 lb 7 oz
peaches 82 lb 2 oz
potatoes 143 lb 8 oz
pumpkin 54 lb 6 oz
rasp/blueberries 10 lb 12 oz
spinach 12 lb 8 oz
squash 21 lb 2 oz
strawberries 25 lb 2 oz
tomatillo 31 lb 14 oz
tomatoes 327 lb 11 oz
tatsoi 7 lb 12 oz
turnips 11 lb 13 oz
yams 34 lb 3 oz
Watermelon 231 lb 9 oz

Total 1375 lb


  1. You beat my total, Jody! I should have grown watermelons, then we'd be about even :-)

    1. I was thinking of you when I posted this. I knew you were close.

  2. Holy Cow guys! 1375!! Wow! Now I really feel like a slouch! I'm interested to know how many tomato plants produced 327 pounds, it took us 8 to get about 1/2 that, I'm wondering how my varieties stack up against yours?

    1. Hi Stoney, we had 12 plants. We planted cherokee purple, black cherry, pineapple, reigart plum, lucia, san marzano, sun gold hybrid. I also trucked a 2 inch layer of composted manure

  3. That is a lot of watermelon poundage. I'm guessing you had help eating them.

    1. Hi Daphne, you're so right about that! Belle also froze watermelon for use in smoothies. It's a great way to add a mild sweetner to healthy drinks.