Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coming Home

We came home from a week-long vacation this afternoon to a completely different looking garden. Yes there were more weeds, but there was some really great other stuff too; like our potatoes that have finally sprouted and our peas that are climbing the fence to around 12 or 15 inches. We have new beet sprouts and our fruit tree blossoms have turned into tiny peaches and plums. Our kale has some 12 inch leaves on it. Our romaine is so big it could be sold in a grocery store, and our spinach has leaves bigger than my giant hand.

We're sad to have missed two "Harvest Monday" posts during vacation; but to make up for it, here's a couple pics of the harvest we came home too.

Just over 5 pounds of broccoli -some of it flowered a little while we were away, but it's still delicious. The scale was a gift from family we saw while on vacation in Kansas. Thanks, you're the best!

A delicious Asian rice dinner with the broccoli was such a great meal to come home too! Bel made it with whole grains rice, red and yellow peppers (They were snack left overs from the long drive.), onion, straw mushrooms, baby corn and our garden broccoli; with a blend of sesame seed oil, coconut milk and hot chili sauce for a kick. It was delicious! Thanks Bel.

A spinach leaf that's bigger than my hand. We'll save this one for harvest Monday next week!


  1. What a lovely harvest to return home to! I'm anxiously waiting for my broccoli to attain an edible size. I especially love using it in stir fry with rice or noodles.

  2. What a great gift to come home to! That's some big spinach. I didn't do too well in the spinach department this spring :(

  3. That scale is awesome! I can't believe you have broccoli already. The last of the snow just melted off our garden. We should be planting this weekend, but it is so wet we won't even be able to till the soil yet.

  4. Nice welcome back from the garden! Nice broccoli harvest. OUrs are just tiny wee seedlings.

  5. Hi Annie's Granny, It was really great. Bel took the rest of the broccoli and made cream-of-broccoli soup and froze it to be used as a side dish.

    Robin, It's really good to be home and even better to be at home with fresh veggies. We had other spinach in flower boxes that did not grow well at all. I guess it was the soil. We planted the good spinach in strait composted yard waste.

    Hi Carpe Diem, that scale is an oldie but a goodie. It weighs up to 60 pounds, perfect for our peach harvest when it comes.

    Hi Malay-kadazan, I remember when these were just tiny wee seedlings too. It won't be too long before you have it, especially with your green thumb.