Monday, May 23, 2011

Harvest Monday

For Daphne's Dandelions Harvest Monday we have  7 romaine heads, arugula, spinach, kale, strawberries and a bit of asparagus.

1 lb of spinach that Bel froze for a winter quiche.

We ended the week with a total of 3 pounds of kale. 

We've had just about a pound of strawberries.

They never last long.


  1. Your Kale looks great! (and so does everything else!)

  2. eats them as fast as my katelynn [ grand-daughter]

  3. The strawberries here haven't even started to blush yet! We need some sunshine!!!!

    My grandson tends to pick the strawberries and eat them as soon as they start to blush! Can't blame him!

    Lucky you to have some nice spinach. My spring spinach didn't do a thing. Hopefully the fall crop will do better.

  4. Lettuce looks good and those strawberries are at the mercy of the strawberry grabber :o)

  5. Those strawberries wouldn't last long in my house either. Though I don't have a cute child to eat them anymore. My daughter who used to do that is all grown up now.

  6. Allison, Thanks for posting. We had been and kale soup. I really love the way kale keeps it's texture, even after boiling it.

    Judy, no kidding. We harvested 2 pounds today and there's just a handful left.

    Robin, it's amazing what a difference there can be even when we're so close. Ours are now in their 4th year. Could that be the difference?

    Ginny, thanks the lettuce is turning out to be delicious... the strawberries, I'm not sure the kids are to quick for me.

    Daphne, I'll bet your daughter has her share of great produce whenever she's around!

  7. From one strawberry harvest last week, now a lot more. I am sure more and more to harvest for your boys. So many variety coming from your lovely veggie patch now. Can't wait to see your next harvest.

  8. Thank you Malay Kadazan girl. And as far as variety goes, ou have set the pace for the garden blogging world!